Experiencing the geodesic flow within polygons
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You Control the Flow with Your Fingers

PolygonFlux lets you experience the flow of energy inside a polygon. In simplest terms, it shows the path of a point reflected repeatedly inside a polygon of your choice, instantly generating a pattern of tens, hundreds, or thousands of lines.

You control the location of the emitter and its direction. The flux is determined by the Law of Reflection — The angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence meaning that the point leaves a side at the same angle it came in on — like a billiard ball deflects off a bumper on a pool table, or a light ray reflects off a mirror.

You can choose a triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, ... polygons with up to 14 sides! You can choose from a dozen themes for the lines that trace the path of the point. You can add your Fluxagons to a scrollable album for later experimentation, send them in Mail, or save them in Photos to use like any other image. More...

Spend Hours with an Immersive, Entertaining, Educational Tool

The Polygon is an archetypal form, and reflections are a dynamic physical reality. As with our Geom-e-Tree app, PolygonFlux lets you explore a form like never before.

PolygonFlux is based on "Polygonal Billiards", an active area of geometric research. We hope it will be used by teachers to demonstrate, and by students to explore.

PolygonFlux can be used just for fun to explore the esthetic variation of patterns created by lines, colors, and shadows.

Image cropped from the center of a Fluxagon

PolygonFlux dynamically combines Geometry, Art, and Technology.

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