PolygonFlux Theme Comparison

This page shows Fluxagons drawn using the different themes. We aren't trying to show the bewildering variety of fluxagons — we are just showing differences in the various themes.

The angle or number of bounces may have been adjusted slightly or changed for effect. Each theme has the bounce limit shown. This is to keep your iPad from exploding. Just kidding! It's to keep you from stalling the app.

The multi-colored themes pick their colors up from the color of the side hit. The triangle has only Red, Green and Blue. The Binary themes simply show odd/even bounces using black/white lines.

Note: These were generated in our lab specifically for this page. They are smaller than iPad-size.

≤ 4000 Bounces
≤4000 Bounces
≤4000 Bounces
Prism #1
≤1000 Bounces
Rainbow Paint #1
Rainbow Paint #2

≤100 Bounces

Inadvertently the same. Sorry!

Prism #2
≤200 Bounces
Cat's Cradle
≤100 Bounces
Prism #3
≤100 Bounces
Prism #4
≤75 Bounces!
≤600 Bounces
Fat Binary
≤400 Bounces
Fat Binary
≤400 Bounces
Ruby Red Laser
≤300 Bounces
White Mask
≤100 Bounces
Ivory Imprint
≤100 Bounces
Heavy Proton
≤350 Bounces

Heavy black lines are slow for some reason!

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